About me

I'm Bram Matthys (a.k.a. Syzop). I'm a programmer with 18 years of experience with C (which is my primary language) and the head coder of UnrealIRCd. I also do (Linux) system administration, and have a high interest in computer security. I'm located in The Netherlands. You can have a look at my resume here.


I started the company VULNSCAN 10 years ago to provide custom coding & support for UnrealIRCd, which is an Open Source Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server. Since then, VULNSCAN has served 150+ people&companies in 25 countries around the world.
I sell both off-the-shelf modules, like ones that integrate MySQL and IRC (SQLMod), and custom code new modules upon customer request.
In addition to UnrealIRCd-specific coding, I also code on on anything else related to IRC, in particular services (anope, ircservices) and bots (eggdrop).


E-mail: syzop@vulnscan.org
PGP key: here

Feel free to contact me regarding:
  • Any commercial requests or offers (custom coding, paid support, etc..)
  • Bugs in any of my (free) modules, WinBOPM, or any other software offered on my page
  • Security related problems

Two exceptions:
  • If you have UnrealIRCd support questions, then please use the UnrealIRCd forum.
  • If you find a bug in UnrealIRCd or have a feature request, then use the tracker at bugs.unrealircd.org.