About me

I'm Bram Matthys (a.k.a. Syzop). I'm a programmer with 18 years of experience with C (which is my primary language). I'm the head coder of UnrealIRCd. I also do Linux system administration and have a high interest in computer security. I'm located in The Netherlands. You can have a look at my resume here.


From IRC..

I started the company VULNSCAN in 2005 to provide custom coding & support for UnrealIRCd, which is an Open Source Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server. Since then, VULNSCAN has served 150+ people&companies in 25 countries around the world.

..to Cyber Security

From 2017 onwards my company will focus on cyber security and I will no longer do any commercial UnrealIRCd coding (apart from one contract). I've been "into security" for a long time, finding bugs and writing exploits back at the start of the century. I actually wanted to pursue a carreer in it back in 2003 but there were only a few companies doing this and it didn't work out. I moved on to programming and other things. In the market back then there was generally a lack of interest in security. It was almost if nobody cared, let alone that anyone wanted to spend money on security. The last couple of years this has been changing completely. Regulations and public awareness make IT security an important topic and (hopefully) nobody sees it as "optional" anymore. I've increased my work on security past few years (though mostly defense) and now decided to make it my primary focus (again). I hope to update this page in a couple of weeks with more interesting content.


E-mail: syzop@vulnscan.org
PGP key: here

Please do not contact me for UnrealIRCd support. Use the UnrealIRCd forum or bugs tracker instead.