Back and available for hire

I still plan to talk about IRC, Security and Linux, all those topics I love and still have plenty to say about. I had good intentions when I started this blog but sadly haven't been posting for quite a while. Life went on as usual but I just haven't been posting. I've migrated my website today so I can properly create blog posts again. We'll see when next post appears...

I've also taken the opportunity to make it clear that I am available for hire again. The past few years I only did jobs for a few long-term customers. This was convenient, as they pay well and I know exactly what they want, and they know exactly what they get from me. But now I would like to diversify again, I like having all those different projects that I had in the past, all those different people around the world using Linux and/or IRC.
I'm available for Linux, C programming and security projects, big or small. See the Hire me page for more information. I'm also back in business for UnrealIRCd module coding and customizations, see the same page.