Resume of Bram Matthys ([email protected])


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Work Experience

MLHJ - System-/Network administrator 2007-present
The Montessori Lyceum Herman Jordan is a high school (12-18y) for ~850 students, located in The Netherlands.
Chrends - VP of Engineering (through VULNSCAN) 2014-2015

Chrends was a bold attempt to bring IRC to the masses, notably mobile phones. Chrends stands for Chatrooms for trending topics and consists of an easy to use iPhone app that uses IRC extensively as a backend for all messaging. With a focus heavily on anonymity it was designed so that nobody[*] could find out who you really are.

Infrastructure-wise it used Linux, UnrealIRCd, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon SNS, Percona XtraDB Cluster and other technologies. In my position I was responsible for programming the IRC backend, protocol design, maintaining the infrastructure and supervising security. In the final months I was also responsible for coding a RESTful API using the Symphony2 framework and the Doctrine DBAL.

[*: or at least on a technical level make it substantially difficult, achieved by (among other things): not storing any personable identifiable information, hiding/abstracting IP addresses everywhere and making extensive use of encryption both in data transfer and data storage]

SafeWire - Software developer, Consulting, Server Management 2007-2011
Started a company with a friend, specialized in VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions. Targetted at small and medium businesses located in The Netherlands. VULNSCAN - Software developer, Consulting, Server Management 2005-present
Started my own company because the success of writing paid software/consulting as a hobby was getting a bit out of hand. MLHJ - System-/Network administrator 2001-2002
The Montessori Lyceum Herman Jordan is a high school (12-18y) for ~700 students, located in The Netherlands.

Volunteer Projects

UnrealIRCd - Head coder 2001-present
UnrealIRCd is a highly advanced open-source IRCd (chat server), it is the most popular one on small- and medium-sized networks (1-3000 users).

Other Projects

Here's a list of some of the other projects I did in my spare time: