About me
I'm Bram Matthys (a.k.a. Syzop). I'm a programmer with 18 years of experience in C. (resume here)
I'm the head coder of UnrealIRCd, and started my own company 10 years ago to sell advanced UnrealIRCd modules. Around 50% of my orders involve custom coding new modules upon request.

General information
Modules are sold with a network-wide license, come with full C source, and 1 year warranty.

If you have any questions, or want a module modified to suit your needs, or you want me to make something completely new, then send me an e-mail.

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Product list

  • SQLMod-Pure - Advanced SQL user&channel management system
  • SQLMod-II - IRC integrated in your Website / Forum / CMS
  • LDAPAuth - LDAP Authentication

  • Monitor - Monitor channels/users interactively
  • Chanlog - Log all channel activity
  • Privlog - Log all private messages

Products and services are subject to this user agreement