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2017-01-07 No longer doing custom coding / selling modules General
From 2017 onwards my company will focus exclusively on cyber security and I will no longer do any commercial UnrealIRCd coding (apart from one contract). I will also transfer my free modules to core UnrealIRCd.
I've always had a high interest in cyber security. This started at the end of the nineties when I audited software and wrote exploits. Around 2005 I moved more exclusively into C programming and system administration. Security never left me and the past few years it has been playing a bigger role again in my life, notably system hardening and intrusion detection, so mostly defense. Now I want to make cyber security my primary activity again. For the past 6 months or so I've been exploring the various fields and brushing up my knowledge on offense. It will probably still be a while until you will see anything substantial on this site regarding security, though..
As for UnrealIRCd, don't worry: I will still be involved. I simply want to free the domain up for my future computer security activities and clear it from UnrealIRCd-related stuff.
Last but not least a note to all users of existing commercial modules: If your module is within warranty then you will be helped as always. If your product is outside warranty then I can also still help you but you will be charged a small fee. Just contact me at

2016-11-28 New PGP/GPG keys General
Nothing too exciting: I have replaced my PGP/GPG key since my old key (7FE199A6) is expiring in a few months and it's time for an upgrade. The new key has uid 7E745EB3 with fingerprint 2ABD 57FA 7783 5ADD C5EC 8ED7 DE93 B8B4 7E74 5EB3 and is of type RSA4096. I will use SHA512 and AES256 for signing / encrypting. The new key has been signed by the old key to confirm ownership.

2016-07-01 Custom coding suspended General
In the months July and August I won't be available for Custom coding due to other activities.

2016-12-30 Paid modules & UnrealIRCd 4 General
UnrealIRCd 3.2.x modules won't work on UnrealIRCd 4 without changes, this due to the many core changes in UnrealIRCd 4. For my paid modules and custom modules I will have the following policy:
Everyone who has bought a module from me after December 31, 2013 can receive an update for that module for free when they ask for it before December 31, 2016.
For those who have purchased modules before January 1, 2014, don't panic: I may still upgrade such modules but will charge a small fee.

2015-12-25 UnrealIRCd 4 released Releases
UnrealIRCd 4 has been released. See also What's new in UnrealIRCd 4?.
My free modules have already been converted to be compatible with UnrealIRCd 4.

2015-10-18 Free modules General
I have updated my free modules and the Windows module pack to support UnrealIRCd 4.

2015-10-18 UnrealIRCd 4 coming up UnrealIRCd
For the past 6 months I have been working hard at completing UnrealIRCd 4. After 4 apha versions and 4 beta versions I released the first Release Candidate two weeks ago (4.0.0-rc1). Plan is to get UnrealIRCd 4 out of the door by the end of the year. Suggested reading: What's new in UnrealIRCd 4

2015-04-12 Pricing & VAT General
Because of new EU legislation you are now asked during checkout to select your country. This is necessary so the correct VAT % will be charged. If you are located outside the EU then naturally 0% VAT is charged (good for you :D).

2014-04-09 Security vulnerability (Heartbleed) UnrealIRCd
A serious security has been found in OpenSSL. We use this library in UnrealIRCd to provide SSL/TLS support. You can read more about this in the security advisory.

2013-08-11 Back General
And I'm back from vacation. Ordering has been re-enabled.
Regarding UnrealIRCd there's currently progress on desiging an new website (yay, finally...).

2013-07-21 Summer vacation General
I'm taking a few weeks off due to the vacation period and have disabled ordering. I'll be available again in mid-August. Meanwhile you can still contact me, but any replies are likely to be limited and slow.

2013-01-02 Happy New Year General
Happy New Year everyone! I've re-enabled ordering, back to work ;).

2012-12-25 Unreal3.2.10 released Releases
Today I've released Unreal3.2.10, for more information see the release announcement.
In the same post I also explain our plans for future Unreal3.2 and Unreal3.4 development.

2012-12-21 Holidays General
I've decided not to take any new orders for the rest of the year (Dec 21-31).
As for UnrealIRCd, the plan is to release version 3.2.10 soon.
I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and I hope next post will be a 3.2.10 release :).

2012-10-19 Unreal3.2.10-rc1 released Releases
I've released Unreal3.2.10-rc1 a few days ago, more information can be found in the release announcement. Note that this is a Release Candidate and may still contain (serious) bugs, therefore it is not recommended to run this on production servers. You are welcome to test it though, in particular by contributing to our Unreal3.2 Testing forum.
I've also released an updated Windows module pack of my free modules for use with the 3.2.10-rc1 release.

2012-08-17 Back from vacation & UnrealIRCd development General
I'm back from vacation since a week or so & have re-enabled ordering
I did some minimal UnrealIRCd development past week, fixed some Windows compile problems, and - more important - have made a new development build available for (Windows) users who are interested in checking out the current state of things, you can find it here.
*NIX users can use the daily generated development instead.

I don't think a 3.2.10 release will be done very soon, but we are working to get there. It will contain a number of new features (see 1st link).
On a side note, when writing a summary of the fixes so far in 3.2.10, I noticed there aren't any crash fixes. This means the current release (3.2.9) has proven to be a very stable release, especially given the huge amount of new features which it added.

2012-07-22 Vacation Vacation
I'm on vacation for 2-3 weeks, I should be back around August 9. I'll still check my e-mail from time to time, but my response (if any) is likely to be limited. Ordering has been disabled until I'm back.

2012-06-02 Work work work... General
I'm glad to see the sales of my SQLMod-II module going up. It seems more and more people are discovering that it exists and what it can do. I've always found it a great system which puts UnrealIRCd, anope, a website such as a CMS or forum, along with webchat, all together to form an integrated, easy to use system for your users.

On another note, I'll be working on a big project for the next 3 months, which means that I won't be available for coding from-the-ground-up new custom coded modules. Note though, that I have over 50 unlisted modules, so if you need something, you can still drop me an e-mail as I might have an existing solution available for you, or an existing (listed or unlisted) module that can be tweaked to do what you want.

2011-11-12 AntiRandom v1.3, m_staff v1.3, new module packs Modules
I've released AntiRandom v1.3:
AntiRandom now converts the nick/ident/realname to lowercase before it's detection algorithm is run, which improves detection of random users with mixed up/lowercase, such as GnStA5FYh.

m_staff has been updated to version v3.2 which fixes a compile problem on Unreal3.2.9.

I've also made a new module pack for *NIX and Windows, for Unreal3.2.9.

2011-11-06 Unreal3.2.9 released Releases
I've released UnrealIRCd 3.2.9. It has been more than 2 years now since, so it was getting time. This release has the same amount of changes as the previous three releases combined. See the release announcement for more information, or download it directly from

2011-10-08 New modules: LDAPAuth, URLAuth General
The following new modules were added:
LDAPAuth: authenticate users against an LDAP Server, such as Active Directory (Windows), slapd (*NIX), or any other LDAP v3 server.
URLAuth: another authentication module, this one contacts an external URL which then returns 1 or 0 to indicate if the user should be allowed in or not.

2011-09-18 USD Pricing General
I've finally re-implemented pricing in United States Dollars. Prices are now shown in both EUR and USD.

2011-09-14 Website redesign General
I did a redesign of my website. The first thing you'll notice is that I got rid of the blue.
I've also put a few new paid modules online:
  • The successor of the original SQLMod: SQLMod-II, which is similar to the original but now cooperates with services so you can run a full services-able IRC Server without having to logon or register multiple times.
  • URLCensor, which adds a channel mode by which you can filter out URL's in messages.
  • PrivLog & ChanLog. I wasn't sure if I should list those, and didn't for many years, but now they are.

2011-08-17 Back General
I'm back from vacation. Ordering has been re-enabled.

2011-07-28 Vacation General
I'll be on vacation for 2-3 weeks and should be back around August 16 or so.
I'll still be able to check my mail, but my response (if any) is likely to be limited.
Ordering has been temporarily disabled.

2011-07-19 Unreal3.2.9-rc2 released Unreal
I've released the second Release Candidate for 3.2.9: Unreal3.2.9-rc2.
See here for the full announcement.

2011-05-01 Back General
The "one month off" took a bit longer than I thought, but I am back again and available for custom coding & other IRC(d) related jobs. It's also time for next 3.2.9 release candidate (in fact it's long overdue).

2011-01-27 Taking a one month break from custom coding General
I've found an apartment, and a lot needs to be done before I can move. I've decided to suspend my custom coding for a while, until I've moved, which should be end of February March. You can still order and receive existing products, and I'll still respond to emails, but slower than usual.

2010-12-15 Unreal3.2.9-rc1 released Unreal
Unreal3.2.9-rc1 has been released, the first in a series of Release Candidates for 3.2.9. See this forum post for the full announcement.

2010-08-20 Working on Unreal3.2.9 Unreal
For the past year, and especially the past few months we've been working on Unreal3.2.9. We're making good progress, finishing off our list of remaining things that need to be done. After that I'll release a -pre1 or -RC1 for testing. The testing period may be notably longer than usual, due to the amount of changes that have been implemented. More information within a couple of weeks... :)

2010-06-12 Some versions of Unreal3.2.8.1.tar.gz contain a backdoor Unreal
Think of this: you - and the rest of the team - wrote a piece of software, which is very popular, however: someone hacked your site and replaced it with a version which allows any user to execute any command through a backdoor. Furthermore, this fact goes unnoticed for over 6 months. Can you think of any worse nightmare scenario? I can't, but this is exactly what happened to UnrealIRCd.

See here for the full announcement.

2009-10-31 Back General
I forgot to say I'm back (for months, already)... So I'm available for custom coding again.
As for Unreal, I haven't been too active for the past 2 months, just a small fix here and there, applying some patches, etc... nothing major.

2009-07-22 Vacation General
In a few days, I'll be going on vacation for 2 weeks. I've therefore disabled ordering. I should be back on August 10.

2009-04-13 Security advisory Unreal
I had to release a security advisory for Unreal3.2* (3.2beta11 - 3.2.8), a bug is present when allow::options::noident is used. See the security advisory for more information

Temporary download locations for, as the site is down again:
*NIX (Source) | Windows | Windows SSL

2009-03-15 UnrealIRCd website up again Unreal
The UnrealIRCd website is up again. See this post for more information about the downtime.

2009-03-07 UnrealIRCd website down Unreal
Normally I don't do this, but for now, here are the links for the UnrealIRCd 3.2.8 downloads (local mirror), as the main website is down:
EDIT: Site is up again, use -> downloads

2009-03-02 Unreal3.2.8 released Releases
UnrealIRCd 3.2.8 has (finally) been released. This release comes with a couple of new features and quite some bugfixes. For more info see the release announcement, or just download it straight away from I've also released a new windows module pack (no changes, just updated for 3.2.8 on windows).

2009-01-25 3.2.8-rc2 General
Unreal3.2.8-rc2 is out, see this announcement.

2008-12-29 3.2.8-rc1 General
I've released Unreal3.2.8-rc1, see this announcement.

2008-12-14 Unreal3.2.8 roadmap General
I've posted this on bugs*:
I'd like to release 3.2.8-RC1 to testers in 1-2wks.
I know, there are many many issues left in the bugtracker, but if we try to fix them all or even all bugs tagged 'major' it will take forever. It's my view that enough has gone in to warrant a release.

Changes so far, see CVS, or, if lazy, check out the list at time of writing at [here] (this might be outdated by the time you read this)

I tried to prod a few people for development to help me a bit with coding/patches in case they felt something was utterly important, but I guess that didn't work. So, TO ALL DEVS: If someone has some important bugfix patch that should get in, this is the time to tell... (actually... yesterday was ;p). Please email your patch to syzop AT vulnscan d0t org
As for people with write access to Unreal3.2 cvs.. feel free to commit fixes, but better not new features or anything big that could risk breakage of 3.2.8.

Personally, I'll concentrate on crash/really major/failedcompile bugs.

3.2.8 will be mostly bugfix only.. see changelog.

2008-12-09 Stskeeps has left UnrealIRCd General
News has come out that Stskeeps has left the UnrealIRCd project.
What will I do? I'll probably release a Unreal3.2.8 (this year) which is mainly bug-fix-only, but am not sure what to do after that... will probably just do security fixes from then on. It's very unlikely that I will be actively developing a nextgen ircd, such as Unreal3.3 or Unreal4, so we would need others for that.
To be honest, I'm not really up to date as to who (if anyone) is still actively working on Unreal, I just hope there will be enough people with enough time to continue UnrealIRCd :).

2008-10-11 Health, UnrealIRCd & custom coding General
I'm still having trouble with my elbow, it seems surgery didn't help.
Due to all the health issues, I've been thinking about what I should spent my (precious) little pc time on... UnrealIRCd isn't really on that list anymore. I've also decided to stop with custom coding, and will only continue to sell existing modules.

2008-08-07 Back from Switzerland / Work on Unreal3.2.8 General
And I'm back after a nice 2wk vacation.
My plan is to work on Unreal a bit to push out a 3.2.8 this Summer (perhaps within a month). This would be a bugfix only release and likely many minor issues won't be fixed, but will at least fix the major issues and any crash issues, and simply get stuff up to date.

2008-07-18 Recovering & Vacation General
I'm recovering OK, still can't use the computer much, but it's improving.
Tomorrow I'll be going on a pc-less vacation for 2 weeks to Switzerland, so I won't be responding to any emails during that period. I hope that, after the vacation, it's possible to resume ordering and partially resume custom coding again... we'll see :).

2008-07-01 Still alive General
It's been now 3 weeks since surgery, and I'm still only allowed to type/mouse 10 minutes per day, so this is just a quick message to say surgery went OK and I'm still alive ;).

2008-06-02 Surgery again.. General
I'm getting surgery again (other arm, different issue) next week. This means I'll not be taking any orders nor will I reply to emails. Recovery time is unknown, could be anything between 3 and 8 weeks... hopefully not the many months like my previous issue.
I hope to do something on Unreal in July/Aug, to push out a 3.2.8, fortunately there are not really any critical issues at the moment in 3.2.7 (as I write this) so that should be OK.

2008-05-15 Pricing info Paid modules
I've had to (temporary?) remove my pricing in USD, because it takes too much effort to keep up with the conversion rates, and started to get complaints about it. The problem is also that PayPal conversion rates are used when ordering, which are different than the ones in newspapers, online on google and financial sites, and I haven't seen a way to automatically link it in my website (in fact it takes quite some effort to do it manually too). Hopefully in the future USD pricing will get back when possible, because I understand it's absence can be quite annoying.

2008-04-17 Partially restored news, health again, .. General
I've partially restored the news gap since 2006.

Then some other news: I'm having some RSI trouble again, this time it's my elbow, which will be needing surgery in 6-8 weeks or so. Until then (and after, during recovery), I'm only accepting orders for existing products (with small modifications, if needed) and no new custom module coding jobs. I also still plan to work a bit on Unreal3.2* (for 3.2.8), perhaps even a release, I'm not sure.. we'll see.. Fortunately the 3.2* series are already very stable :).

2008-03-19 Site vanished General
It seems my previous hoster decided to remove my account without warning. Even after repeated attempts I did not receive a response as to why this happened and more important.. I did not get any access to the files or backup I had. I had a recent backup of the files, but unfortunately not of the database data... this means most of the news, products, etc display data is lost. I'll try to restore it as best as I can, but I'm still having big trouble with my elbow/fingers/wrist RSI, so... not easy... as entering all this data is a lot of typing which is not something I can do at the moment...

2007-08-06 Wrist status report & Unreal's feature General
Healing of my wrist is going real slow. The first 4-5 weeks after surgery were mostly 'recovering', and now since a couple of weeks I'm seeing some minor improvements. I can still only type 30m a day or so, but I see my muscles getting stronger and am experiencing less pain.

How do I think about Unreal's feature? I think the move to use inspircd as unreal4's basis is understandable, it seems that I've been one of the few people whom understand unreal3's source code, and we had considerable trouble to get people involved that could (or wanted to) work on major Unreal3.3 coding. The choice of a C++ ircd, originally inspired by Unreal, with various similar features and good module support, sounds logical. Of course, it will take a lot of time to get that ircd transformed in an Unreal4 product: the amount of features (small and large) in Unreal3* is enormous, and so is the amount of testing and bugfixing... many features and little things will have to be (re)implemented, and many (classical) bugs that have been fixed in Unreal3* will reoccur in Unreal4 (-beta's). So still a long road till we'll get a stable Unreal4, I'm counting on a year or so myself.

What in the meantime with Unreal3? Unreal3 will continue to exist for a long time, at least till the first couple of Unreal4 stable versions, and depending on the circumstances even longer (like major bugs/security support). In practice that means at least till 2009. I'd personally take U3 management on me again when I'm able to, so I can personally guarantee U3 stability/existence since I know so many networks depend on it, but in the meantime others will do a good job :).

2007-06-26 Wrist status report General
I've re-enabled ordering since I can handle that again (not much typing).

As you all know, I've had hand surgery couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure how (soon) my wrist situation will evolve/completely recover: that's too soon to tell, but I can at least tell things didn't go horribly wrong (apart from cutting a not-so-important nerve) ;). It's possible though, that I'm getting the same problem with my other wrist, but we'll see...

2007-06-07 Unavailable for a month or so General
I'm getting hand surgery tomorrow, after which I'll have some recovery to do. I'm assuming that I'll be unable to use the computer for several weeks, and hope to be available again in July. Of course, all of this heavily depends on how things will work out...

Ordering of modules has been disabled for now, until I'm sure I can use the computer again.

2007-05-11 Going inactive in UnrealIRCd team General
Due to my wrist issues I'm (temporary?) no longer active in the UnrealIRCd team, see news at of May 11, 2007. That said, I will still be selling existing paid UnrealIRCd modules, since that takes little typing.

2005-09-29 NSAuth module added Paid modules
Added a new paid module, NSAuth, which actually consists of 2 modules (ircd + anope/ircservices). In short it provides pro-active nick enforcement (you cannot use a registered nick, unless you provide the correct password), and optionally it can require everyone to be a registered user to be able to get on the server, or it can only enforce that for certain hostmasks. [more details].

2005-09-10 TextBan v1.0 Modules
TextBan is now no longer an experimental module. This also means a win32 version is now available in the Windows Module Pack. There have been no code changes between 0.1 and 1.0, so for *NIX users there's no reason to upgrade.

2005-08-29 RestrictedOper and QFloodBan added Paid modules
Added 2 more paid modules:
RestrictedOper: This allows you to create "opers" with very minimal rights (eg: can only /kill, but not see any additional info like server ips etc), ideal for opers in training.
And QFloodBan: Which bans users that go repeatedly excess flood or sendq exceeded. Not exactly one of my favorites, but can be useful on some networks were you got some real trouble going on with flooders and such ;).

2005-08-27 Site updates & CVS General
I've updated the site a bit... an RSS news feed is available, and some IE render bugs got fixed.
A Windows CVS build got released (ok, that was 3 days ago), the first one since 3.2.3. I don't know when 3.2.4 will be released exactly, but I presume somewhere in September.

2005-07-22 AntiRandom v1.1 Modules
AntiRandom v1.1 is now out which fixes a few issues such as the digits check not working properly and some other cases where the score was too low. windows version | *NIX version

2005-06-24 TextBan v0.1 Modules
I've added a new experimental module which I had in the queue for a long time now: TextBan (*NIX only currently). What it does is let chanops ban certain words or (part of) sentences by for example: +b ~T:block:*http://*
This module is currently experimental, if I get good feedback it'll get added to the Windows (and *NIX) Module Pack later on.

2005-06-21 AntiRandom v1.0 Modules
I've released a much more improved version of AntiRandom: configuration has been moved to the configfile (instead of editting the .c), it is now 10x faster, the way it calculates scores has been redone to give less false positives and make it detect more bots. And various other enhancements (such as except hosts). Besides the *NIX version, there's now also a Windows version included in the latest windows module pack.

2005-04-28 Status report General
UnrealIRCd development is quiet at the moment, basically both me and codemastr are currently doing other things. I've been having fun with my new pc & converting my desktop to Linux, doing custom coding jobs, working on some security research papers, and doing various other things.
We don't plan to add many features to the 3.2* series anyway, I just wrote a story about it in the FAQ so feel free to check it out: FAQ: Has development on 3.2* been halted?? What is this talk about Unreal3.3*?. Win CVS Builds are also not available, since there's hardly anything new in CVS.
I almost forgot.. The CVS link with daily .tar.gz's from CVS now actually works again.

2005-04-02 New website style General
I've changed the website style / navigation method a bit, there are no more frames now and things look a bit more clean ;). I expect most people to be positive about it since it's now much easier to copy/paste urls and no "woah where did the navigation go" problems. 2 sections still open up a new screen however, the docs and CVS. The CVS link (which doesn't seem to be working atm) will probably be fixed, the docs.. I prefer them to open up a new window.

2005-03-14 Unreal 3.2.3 released! Releases
After almost 5 months (excluding the hotfix) we have released a new UnrealIRCd version: 3.2.3. This release brings channel mode +I (invex), channel mode +j (jointhrottle), non-standard nick support, and much more. You can download it from For windows users, a new module pack is available.

2005-02-19 New win CVS build General
Yet another win CVS build. This adds channelmode +j (jointhrottle) and localized nick support (like 'german' to add umlauts and es-zet). Feel free to check out latest CVS or get the win cvs build if you want to play around. Hopefully more languages can be added soon :).

2005-02-06 New win CVS build & win32 module pack for 3.2.2b General
CVS activity has resumed again, channelmode +I got implemented (by codemastr), and I'm currently working on +j. Check out the win cvs build if you want to play around with +I and/or the other new features.
I've also made a new win32 module pack that works on Unreal3.2.2b (no other changes), you can download it here.

2005-01-12 Win CVS build, activity, and more.. General
I've updated the win cvs build today. As you might notice, there are not a lot of changes in the UnrealIRCd code in the past month or so, but don't worry... We will become active again in the next few weeks to fix a lot of outstanding issues and perhaps add some new features as well.. I've mainly been doing other stuff in the past few weeks, like I'm now registered as an official company, and the free time I had I spent on arranging the Unreal testers stuff and helping users out of the forum... I'll try to minimize ("stop") doing the latter since I really can better spend those hours to work on the Unreal code.. fix bugs, add nice new features, etc ;).
Actually I did do other coding in the past few weeks, like I made AntiRandom: an experimental module that kills users with random nicks/idents/realnames. Use with caution of course, but results look promising.

2004-12-29 JumpServer Modules
Fixed a small display bug in JumpServer and did a 50% recode, nothing new really.. just a small bugfix. Win32 modpack not yet updated, sorry ;p.

2004-12-16 ConnThrottle Paid modules
I've added a new paid module ConnThrottle. This module can throttle incoming connections, like 20 local connections/minute and 40 global connections/min. Useful against bot/clone attacks.

2004-12-16 Page layout General
I've updated the site a bit, improved fonts & custom coding section.

2004-12-11 3 modules added Modules
I've taken over a few modules coded by Angrywolf (who stopped coding modules), namely:
jointhrottle - limits joins in a channel to x:y per-user
m_ircops - command /IRCOPS that lists all IRCOps that are online
m_staff - command /STAFF that lists content of a specific file/URL
Additionally, the windows modpack has been updated to include these modules, and the *NIX modpack as well.

2004-10-27 Unreal 3.2.2 released! Releases
A new UnrealIRCd version is out: 3.2.2! This is a recommended release. You can download it from For windows users, a new module pack is available.

2004-10-05 MyMoon Modules
Updated antimoon module to include 4 more names.

2004-09-21 MyMoon Modules
I've released a new module: antimoon that protects again MyMoon drones.

2004-09-14 3.2.1b Win modpack
3.2.1b was released to deal with some win32 issues. If your windows ircd is running fine then there's usually no reason to upgrade since it only contains 4 fixes and 0 new features. More info here.
As a consequence of this, I had to release a windows module pack for 3.2.1b
On a side note, wincvs builds will be available about/within a week or so.

2004-08-07 New win cvs build WinCVS
After ~1 month, win cvs builds are available again. However, there are not really any exciting new features. Reason for this is that we are all taking a break / vacation, so CVS is not very active at the moment ;).

2004-07-29 Windows module pack updated Modules
The m_umsg module wasn't working correctly on windows, I've released a new windows module pack to fix this particular bug.

2004-07-03 Unreal 3.2.1 released! Releases
A new 3.2* stable release is out: 3.2.1! This is a recommended release. Go get it at Unreal3.2.1 has module support on Windows so I've made my windows module pack available here.

2004-06-02 Added SQLMod screenshots Paid modules
Added some screenshots of SQLMod + updated description a bit.
Also updated Monitor to reflect the most recent additions.

2004-05-24 *NIX ModPack now also available Modules
I've now also added a ModPack for *NIX. This package contains all my (7) recent modules and comes with an easy-to-use installer (dialogs!) that asks you a few questions and lets you choose which modules you want to install. Hopefully it woks well for most of you.. I tested it on Linux and FreeBSD.

2004-05-16 JumpServer module updated Modules
Added an option to JumpServer so you can specify an SSL server[+port] where any SSL clients will be redirected to. I've also submitted my module to the modules page on since the module is considered stable now (same for RegExcept).

2004-05-13 Windows modules Win CVS
UnrealIRCd on Windows now has module support in CVS, I've made a new win cvs build available. There I also have a download option for my "module pack for windows" which contains all my (7) modules compiled against that cvs version. As soon as 3.2.1 is relased (no ETA) probably many more modules will be available (from other authors, on their site and at

2004-04-25 Unreal 3.2 released! Releases
3.2 stable is finally out! Go get it at!

2004-04-22 Added RegExcept module Modules
This module adds the ability to exempt registered users from bans via +e ~E:RegNick. The module simply checks if the user has that nick AND is set +r ('registered nick'). More info/downloadable here.

2004-04-19 New winbopm version: 3.1.2 winbopm
People have recently reported a few problems with winbopm version 3.0.3 so I thought this would be a good time to create a new version. After some fiddling it seems to work, for more info see the winbopm page.

2004-04-16 Added JumpServer module Modules
Added a new experimental module, 'JumpServer'. This module adds the ability to 'redirect' users to another server, for example to redirect everyone to another server right before you are shutting the server down. Note that this 'redirecting' is only supported by a few clients (mIRC).